When you send a message to someone and they don’t reply and you realize they’ve gone to bed and they’ll only see it in the morning and you immediately regret what you’ve said


Here, by popular request, is my first follow forever to commemorate my blog’s one year anniversary! In the past 4 months, my followers have doubled (it’s crazy!) but I know I owe it to some of the best blogs and people in the fandom that I follow. In fact some of you are the most talented, kind, hilarious and generous people I’ve come across. Thank you all for the amazing one year experience on this deep dark hole that is tumblr  ˘◡˘  those bolded are mutuals:

the guardians of the galaxy 

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gamoras, ghostrogers, glorfindhel, gravitonium, hadhodrim, hansolong, hawkbi, hawxkeye, heathledgers, hemswcrth, howardstxrk, iamnevertheone, iluvatarss

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Wowwwwww thank you!!!!!! :’)))


…when all other lights go out.

requested by elf-friend-frodo

     I don’t need a knight. I need a dragon. Dragons conquer fire and men."

                 —Your World In A Sentence or Three, Rose North (via glorfindhel)

This apartment tour makes me so positive & peaceful!
(via AM)


food will never break my heart


South Summit

Today my friend and cutie tumblr user Hansu thesquirrelknows reminded me that my hair is long enough to make a real good braid crown so I did that instead of writing an essay on the functional diversity of plants :3